Monday, January 26, 2009


A very busy day marrying couples. I arrived at 1:00 and sat for 40 minutes. Then it picked up. It was a steady flow of weddings. I married a couple and then did the paper work and married the next one. I think I did 8 or 9 weddings. I lost track. I do know I was there until nearly 5:00. They have to be punched into the computer by 4:00 to be married. So lots of people.

No crazies today. Just lots of love. That doesn't mean there weren't some who didn't meet my old fashioned Southern idea of proper attire or correctness. This was the day of tattoos and bosoms. And the tattoos were all across the bosoms, and other parts of the body. It also was the day for beautiful men's suits. I swear one groom's suit had to have cost $1000. It was a perfect fit, beautiful rich black you just wanna touch it material. The groom was about 25 years old. I don't know how he could afford this suit, but he looked drop dead gorgeous in it.

I had one couple who was heavily tattooed. Large words on her bosom and shoulders, and up and down their arms. They had strange looking witnesses, and the bride also was a little goth looking. The bride was falling apart, she was visibly shaking and getting paler. I told them they could sit while I did the wedding. They said no, they could stand. They got paler and paler. Oh my word was she in love and so was he. Their voices became softer and softer. It was if they were the only people in the room as they said their vows. After the wedding I had them sit down, I thought they both were going to pass out.

One couple did not want to see each other in their wedding apparel until the bride walked through the door. So they dressed and he waited up front in the wedding room. She waited in the bathroom until we told her to come out. He was in black dress pants and vest, white shirt and tie, and a huge silver cross. She was in a ecru on white strapless floor length brocade dress with a shoulder length veil that was over her face. They were radiant. There was only me and one witness. But they wanted the feel of a fancy wedding and dressed as if 100 guests were in the wedding room. She was so cute, she said she refused to cry because that would mess up her make up. She did cry after the wedding.

Lots of love in the wedding room today. No weddings that I really didn't want to do. They were old enough, no 18 year old babies. They were happy, they were all so in love. And some were so eager. My last couple was so cute and eager. They were large, I looked a little bit dainty next to them. He was in a nice black suit, she was in a nice white cocktail dress. Even though she was large, she was absolutely beautiful, in an Elizabeth Taylor way. As they said their vows he had a little tear spillage. But the bride was so funny, as I started to pronounce them ( By the power vested in me . . .) she started bouncing. This woman was bouncing like Tigger. I almost laughed as I pronounced them married. Such love, and a perfect ending to my day.

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