Monday, January 12, 2009


Last night was not good. I was holding my own in the nightly fight for my half of the covers. I even had more than half of the bed and control of my pillow. But I wasn't getting very much sleep. Things were going bump in the night.

We had wind last night. I have written before about my love hate with wind. Last night was hate. It was loud and things were bumping the house. The security light kept coming on. What was flying through the air to tun it on? I was up one time thinking an airplane was landing on the street. There was a plane, but thankfully it was still in the sky. Something kept whacking the house outside one of our windows. Then there were the noises coming from the courtyard. Not a whole lot of sleeping going on for me.

Mondays I volunteer at school in the mornings and in the afternoon I marry couples. I gave up on trying to sleep around 6:00. I showered, did my makeup, and dried and curled my hair. And then I thought, I feel terrible. I have had no sleep and I will kill the first 6 year who crosses me. For the safety of the children I left a message at school that I would not be in. Great guilt, but I felt awful.

I laid down on the couch hoping to sleep. No luck. By this time I had heard the radio talking about our 45 mph winds. Still bumps. Marty gets up, we talked, and he goes back to bed. I try to sleep. HUGE LOUD CRASH. Great screaming from me. The market umbrella in the courtyard had fallen, just missing the French doors and glass table. We are both up again. He goes back to bed, I went out for the papers. That's when I found out why the bumps under our window. We have a small door in the outside wall that covers the gas meter. The door, which is at least 2 feet wide. was going up and down. I thought about nailing it shut. But that would tick off PG&E. We will think of something.

I finally did go back to sleep for a couple of hours. I got up at 11:00 and still felt sluggish. More guilt, I called the marriage desk and said I would not be in today.

I am now thinking about a little nap.

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