Thursday, January 22, 2009


Rain, we love it and hate it at the same time. California is in a severe drought. Some of us are on water rationing. And those of us who are on rationing are bitter about you water wasters. We so need every drop of rain, but as a Californian, after about 2 hours of rain I want to know WHERE IS THE SUN?

I really am happy it is raining. Really I am. But does the sun have to go away? And couldn't it just rain while I am sleeping at night. I mean really: an umbrella and a raincoat with a hood, not a good look; dangerous driving conditions ( no rain for months or years really makes for slick roads when it rains); and just icky depressing weather. I know every drop is drinking water. Every snow flake in the mountains is crucial for our drinking water. But we are spoiled. We are Californians, and we don't do bad weather.

We plan for a picnic and we know the weather will be perfect. We want to walk on the beach, climb a mountain, have dinner on the veranda. No problem. We don't have rainy days. We need to work in the yard, no problem, it isn't going to rain. But after several years of no rain, it is a problem. And we have the problem now.

When we first came to California in 1978 there was a drought. There was water rationing. A huge shock to someone from Kentucky. Kentucky is a very wet, humid state. Water is not a problem. The only rationing I had heard of (and don't remember )was from WWII. But we learned how to ration water. And I still remember the poem/rule from Herb Caen.

If it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down.

For some reason that offends some of my family and friends. But trust me, we are following that rule and are within our allotment set by EBMD.

PS: The old man is snoring: I never understood that part of the poem.

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