Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a couple of things. . .

Today I feel pretty good, no spasms. Thanks for the Poor Babies.

I started off the day in a snit. I just woke up mad, and didn't want to let go of my snit. Every thing made me mad. The radio, the furnace, Marty breathing. Yeah, I was in a mood. I am too old to blame it on PMS. I just was in a snit. But I am lovely and sweet again. Maybe I was mad because of the mob violence last night in Oakland.

I know the crowd started out with good reasons to march. A man was killed by a BART policeman. BART has handled the situation very poorly. Hell, they haven't handled it at all. Eight days later, the policeman has resigned and has still not been interviewed about the shooting. He lawyered up right after the shooting. Yes people are furious. The whole Bay Area is upset. But the crowd trashed/burned Oakland police cars. Oakland police had nothing to do with the case. Then they trashed downtown Oakland. The mob broke windows, trashed other cars, and just acted like a mob. Over 100 people were arrested, and probably 99 will sue the city for obstruction of their right to freedom of speech.

Now I am back in a snit.


kts said...

Do you think my parking ticket is punishment for my own snit-ishness? french fries and dishing helped!

Janet A said...

I can't believe you were a minute late and got a ticket. I thought you had beat him to the car. The French Fries were great!

The Snit is still with me.