Saturday, January 10, 2009


And how did I spend the weekend you ask? Thank you very much for asking. Friday and Saturday we went into the city for the West Coast Challenge. That would be the Billiards Tournament for California. Teams, Women's individual, Men's individual, and High/Lows. There were other contests, those are the ones I saw. I know very little about Billiards, but I do understand the incrediable skill, physical and mental it requires.

Our friend Luis was there to play for the individual contest representing a team from San Diego. Just to get to this tournament is an honor. The best of the best are here. We watched him play on Friday. He was not on his game, and lost his match. Saturday he had another chance, it was a double elimnation tournament. Again, it didn't go his way. But we got to see him play. And the beauty of this is Luis plays for the fun and excitment of the game. Yes, he would love to win the tournament, but it is just a game.

The stress of watching someone you care about is awful. At least this time I did not have to leave the room. I was able to watch him play. We watched others win or lose. The winners usually won with grace. Some of the losers had little mini tantrums. Not bad, but sulks, pounding of the cue sticks.

Below are two pictures of Luis. The picitures are not great. No flash was allowed and it was not great lighting. But you can see Luis.

The Versace Kid

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