Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yesterday Marty and I went to see Gran Torino. We knew from the reviews it was an excellent movie. But for me, if Clint Eastwood is in it, I will go see it. I have been a huge fan since Rawhide. I even like the movies with the chimp. The man is 78 and he is still hot, hot, hot. Of course I am 65 and older men appeal to me.

Spoiler Alert. The movie was not what I expected. I thought it was more a bang bang shoot um up type film. No. The trailer doesn't show the true meaning of this film. The movie is about Walt and his battle with the changing world. It is friendship, bad family relations, gang problems, and an old bigot who softens. It also is very funny. He growls like a dog when unhappy, which is most of the time. He spouts words that no one else would dare say in public. And it is really funny when he says these awful racial slurs. You have to laugh as you gasp in horror. We all know people like Walt. They are from another time and don't want change. But then Walt begins to soften toward the Asian neighbors who have changed his neighborhood. He teaches a young man to be a man. He accepts friendship from people he used to consider the enemy. He learns and grows. And as Walt says, he fixes things. The movie is funny but also it is a 3 hanky movie. I cry easily, but I was not alone crying, I saw many people wiping their eyes.

I say it is Oscar worthy. Great acting by many in the film, a great message, great music, and it entertained at a high level.

Go see it.

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kts said...

We adored it as well!
While the plot is entirely predictable--crusty racist misanthrope melts thru meaningful connection with poor immigrant family who can really see him vs his own money driven superficial white bread family etc--the details of the film are wonderful, and Clint Eastwood is clearly having a blast creating a meta-narrative of his Dirty Harry persona. Having just moved from a neighborhood very much like the one portrayed in the film, I was particularly interested in the movie's very accurate portrayal of the shifting face of urban poverty (our old neighborhood is now entirely Hmong and Latino--). We were lucky enough to attend some gatherings like those in the film, and while no expert on the culture, the details seemed entirely right: Shaman, food, intensely delineated gender roles, immense focus on family etc.
I entirely agree with Janet--do not miss this one--it is both wildly funny and entirely moving.