Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am in AWE

My friend Janet Rudolph is amazing. She has a mystery business, she runs our weekly reading group, does PR work for Left Coast Crime, and publishes an international journal. She runs her home and works to control (I say control because the dogs are big, active, and very strong) two wonderful dogs and a lovely cat. She has beautiful roses and orchids all over the property. And she writes several blogs. Her new one is Dying for Chocolate. Look down to the left and you will see it as a blog I follow. Read it and mark it as a favorite. Pass it on to your friends.

Chocolate, mysteries, puppy dogs and cats. What a well balanced woman. Oh, she is married to the lovely Frank. We all love and adore him too.


Janet Rudolph said...

It's the Janet gene. Janets are multi-taskers. I'm actually in awe of you--marrying people, writing a blog, cleaning, cooking, teaching, taking care of Marty, going out to Theatre and dinner and lunch--not to mention all that reading! O.K. a mutual admiration society. Let's lift a glass to us!

Janet A said...

Well, true, Janets are special. I will drink to that.