Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tonight on AI they had a double elimination. Because they saved Matt last week, two had to go tonight. They did an elimination right off the bat, no build up, just bam, you are history. Lil Rounds is gone. She just never lived up to her potential. Then they had lots of singers from the disco era to entertain us. Since it was Tivoed, we fast forwarded through that. Then it started. Adam is safe, Anoop in the bottom two, Chris safe, Danny safe, Matt is safe damn, damn, damn. And that leaves Allison. She is in the bottom two. NOOOOOO, this can't be. She is as good as Adam. What is wrong with America?

Anoop and Allison are brought to the middle of the stage and it is announced who is going home. Anoop! Yes, yes, yes!

Next week will be awful. Five are left. And it looks like the public likes Matt, who I can't stand. Someone I really really like will be cut. That is the way it works, we can only have one Idol.

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