Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some blogs are written without much help from me. I just listen and bring it to you.

Today one of the clerks, C. asked if I had heard about her being cursed. NO. Yesterday she was asked to take a couple who spoke only Spanish. (C. is bilingual.) She took them out of order since she was the only one who could help them. She called them over and then another woman, let's call her, Rude, went ballistic. She went up to C.'s desk and started yelling, "Why did they get to go ahead of me?" Yelling and carrying on. Another clerk took Rude and the whole time she complained, loudly. "Why do those Mexican speaking people get to go ahead of an English speaking American?" And many more ugly things about C. and the non English speaking Mexicans. She kept glaring at C. at the next desk. Rude received the papers she needed and as she left she yelled at C. "I hope you get Swine Flu!" Charming.

Not many weddings, only two. We had the reluctant groom and the I am getting married bride. He so didn't want to be there. I thought he might back out. He didn't. That bride has married trouble.

Then I had the pink wedding. The groom had a pink stripped shirt on. She had on a gorgeous pink lace dress with killer pink heels. They were just darling. And their friends had on touches of pink. So in love. They must have been rich. They had just come back from Cancun and were leaving tonight for a MONTH in Tahiti. Who in their 20's has that much vacation and money?

As they were getting their certified copy of the license , the clerk asked me to try and read a license. It had red splotches of ink on it,not legal. And the line where you identify your position to legally marry ( minister, priest, marriage commissioner, judge, etc.) was hard to read. I kept looking at it and finally it hit me Wiccan. It was signed by a High Priestess. I wish I could tell you the name. But not allowed. But it was a cartoon character and we all laughed. And yes, Wicca is a recognized religion. So it is legal.

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