Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Idol

Did you know part of the world did not see Adam's total performance or see Simon give him a standing ovation? Tuesday night the show ran long and DVRs weren't set for extra time. ( After missing an ending of AI years ago, we always set our TIVO for 10 minutes more. )

We worried that Adam wouldn't get the votes, how would AI handle it fairly? If he were low would he get an automatic save because of the screw up? Well, he was the first one saved. And they didn't bring up the glitch. So he must have had lots of votes.

And the bottom three: Scott, Matt, and Lil. I can't stand Matt, but he is and was so much better than Kris, who was awful Tuesday. Lil was poor on Tuesday and Scott was boring and just mediocre. Again America put someone there who shouldn't have been, Matt.

Who went home? Scott. He is weaker than the others. No star potential. His blindness was not why he should go home. His blindness kept him on longer than he should have been. There are incredible blind musicians. But they have personality, depth, something extra.

Hopefully Lil received a scare and will up her game. She has just been sliding through.

Adults vote! The Teeny Boppers are putting the cutest in the top. They aren't voting for talent.

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