Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is your American Idol report.

Last night AI ran over again, even with the revamping of the judging. They just need to cut the stupid lead in to each singer. The wonderful Adam brought the house down, Allison was sooooooooo wonderful. This is a 16 year old child and she has the stage presence of a seasoned performer, and her voice, oh my. Matt did great, even Anoop did well for a change. Chris or is it Kris?? was fabulous. And then there was Lil. Every week she gets worse. Danny was good as he consistently is.

Tonight your bottom three? Anoop, YAY! Lil, and Matt. At this stage with only 7, someone you like is going to be in the bottom three. Matt was good, even if I don't like him. Danny probably was not as good as Matt on this particular night. But Americans vote for lots of reasons: voice, past history, this performance, good looks, sad life.

They announced that Anoop was safe. Damn, damn, damn. He HAS to go home. Last week after shrugging off Kris ( they were the bottom two and Kris tried to hug Anoop in a we will get through this way last week) in a very rude way, his arrogance is up my nose. And he mouths off in a very rude way to the judges.

Lil and Matt hold each other and it is Matt who is in the bottom. He sings for the chance to be saved. Marty and I say he needs to go, even tho Lil was worse. He is not consistent. Simon says Matt you can't win this contest. Lots of boos. And then they use their one time save. Matt is safe.

Next week TWO will go home. There are no saves left.