Monday, April 13, 2009


This afternoon was easy, no big push, just one wedding after another. I did none the first hour or so, and then around 2:30 business picked up. I only did 5 weddings. I know to some that sounds a lot for an hour and a half. But I keep comparing now to last summer and fall when we were doing 15 or more in an afternoon. That was when we were allowed to do same sex marriages. We had heterosexual and same sex couples. Our client base has been cut in half.

The couples today were sweet, in love, and fun. One couple really stands out though, for a couple of reasons. The bride did not know she was getting married today, until the groom told the clerk and her. In the elevator she looked at him and said, " If I had known we were getting married I would have dressed better." She had on a sweat shirt, a baseball cap, and jeans. No rings during the ceremony ( they already had done that a long time ago), no camera. I offered them a couple of types of ceremonies. And she said do you have a broomstick ceremony? Yes, I did.

This is an old marriage custom with some African Americans. We have a ceremony and we have an old fashioned decorated broom. The bride was happy that I could do the ceremony. The ceremony is basically traditional, except for a couple of poems, and the broom. We laid the broom in front of them and then did the ceremony:

In good days and bad days, no matter the weather

I join this man and this woman together.

Let no one cause any turbulence or thunder

To put this man and woman asunder.

Then I did the traditional ceremony. After I pronounced them, another poem:

I therefore announce you both the same.

Be good, live long, and keep up your name.

The broomstick is jumped, and the world is wide.

You're married now, so kiss the bride.

And they then jumped the broomstick.

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