Thursday, April 2, 2009

Of course they closed. . .

A little background. Next week we will celebrate 42 years of marriage. In those 42 years we have rarely celebrated outside our home. Our first we had a picnic in the living room. It was 1968 and the race riots in Cincinnati had brought a 6:00 PM curfew for the two state area. The next year I broke my foot and I was 6 months pregnant. I wasn't real graceful on crutches. The next 8 or so years we had a child who had a smallpox vaccination, then bronchitis and pneumonia ( this was a result of severe allergies). Then throw in the years of no money, Marty traveling, being in middle of a move, and I had some health issues that cropped up. Every now and then we went out. Usually we celebrated at home and that was fine. We were together and that was the important thing.

We have reservations next Wednesday at Cafe Majestic. This restaurant is known for wonderful food, being quiet, being romantic, and not horribly expensive. It would be perfect. Except today it was announced, they are closed. I read it on the food critic's blog. And Marty received an email from Open Table stating the restaurant had closed. I am bummed!

So what will we do? Another restaurant? A movie and hot dogs and popcorn? Or will we cook some crab or lobster at home? We are still deciding.

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Ann said...

I'd vote with tradition--stay at home, a bottle of wine, some lobster, super dessert, and . . . . less far to travel for dessert! Sis in law