Monday, April 20, 2009


Today, it was 95. Broke the record for this date by 9 degrees. It is 10:45 and it is 76 degrees. Doesn't sound bad does it? Well, on a normal night it would be in the 50's. Too damn hot.

School was hot, dripping wet hot. I did paper work, graded papers, organized papers to go home. And I worked one on one in reading and math. One little girl has come so far. She is so immature ( I know she is 6, how mature can she be?) she has the attention span of a gnat, has a 100 reasons why she can't do the work. Sometimes she refused to read or do anything. But she is finally trying.

We worked on math and reading today. She was adding numbers like 10 +8. Most kids have to count every number to get to 18. She knew you just change the the zero. She understood. YEAH! Then she read a little book to me and totally understood it. And then the big test: Dolch word list. This is sight words such as once, was, could, should. These are words that don't sound out well. She nailed the lists. I told her what a great job she was doing. She explained to me she has a tutor now and now her brain is finally working, stuff is going in and now she can remember it. She was so proud of herself. This is why I get up early every Monday and work with the little ones. I really feel I have helped her.

I have complained about the Clerk from Hell, she isn't our only problem. The clients are just as bad. They put the info in the computer, they then check the license when we print it out, NOT. We had one we printed the license 3 times, and probably should have 4 times. The couple bought the license and came back in the afternoon with their witness. Problem, the witness had signed the license, yet hadn't seen the wedding ceremony yet. We reprinted the license and the couple resigned it. As I waited for the wedding room I noticed the witness' name (who was the groom's mother) was spelled one way as the mother and another way as the witness. I asked her which way was correct. She didn't have her glasses so couldn't read it. I spelled it for her. Her son said the second name was correct. We reprinted the third time, fixed the names to match. I did the ceremony. Mother signed and wrote her name a third way. We sent it in the state anyway.

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