Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yard Sales. Not my favorite way to make money. Way too much work for too little money. You advertise the sale is from 9 -4. At 6:30 you have people (usually dealers) beating on your door. "Let us buy now. We will take everything at half price." I am not real nice that early in the morning. So they don't buy anything. Anyway, we don't hold yard sales anymore. We donate to charity and take the tax deduction. But we like to go to them.

Today, several of our neighbors had yard sales. They had lots of children's books and toys, strollers, playpens, and baby baths. And there were dishes, baskets, spices that were still sealed. It was fun to look. And I was really tempted by the spices and baskets. But I can't put anything else in my little house. The most fun was talking to the neighbors. Some neighbors met each other for the first time. Some we talked to we hadn't seen all winter.

We mostly talked about how to kill the gophers. We all have lost plants, bushes, and trees to these furry monsters. They make deer look like amateurs. One neighbor plans to get a chair, a book, and a beer and then sit with a pellet gun. He is going to take the gophers out one by one.

Yard sales are a lot of work. But they are a great way for the neighbors to get together.

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