Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Our not so secret vise, our guilty pleasure, the American Idol result show was on tonight. Ryan divided the 9 into three groups. We looked at them and it did not look like top, middle, and bottom. There were bad in each group. What's up? Well that is what they did, they had a bad in each group. The bottom three were Megan, Allison, and Anoop. OK two out of three is sort of right.

But Allison? She has been there before. WHY? She is a great rocker. She works the stage. She is great. But she doesn't have the following. She ended up safe. People, you have to vote for this girl. She is special. Do not let her be sent home before boring Scott. I am begging you, VOTE.

We have Megan who is mugging for the cameras. And Anoop. Both had been so bad the night before. Either one would be fine with me to go home. It was Megan. The judges were asked if they would save her if she performed well. They said they would not even bother to consider her again. She was to sing one last time as a farewell, not as a try to be saved.

Thank you America.

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Ann said...

Henry and I agreed!