Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7, 1967

Memories, memories.

It is a Friday night, April 7, 1967. We are at the First Christian Church in downtown Louisville. Everyone is dressed to the nines, men in suits and the women in dressy dresses, no hats because it is after 5:00. We have a minister, an organist, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, spouses of the wedding party. It is rehearsal night for our wedding.

I had been out of the hospital for less than a week. Threats had been made to call off the wedding because of my health. ( one of my students had given me the measles and I had had complications ). I am run down, I am close to losing it. I didn't know if I could handle the wedding ceremony wars. Can I get through the next 24 hours?

Parents are getting on my nerves. Friends are getting on my nerves. But this wedding is going to go on. I told the doctor if he had to wheel me in on a gurney I was not calling off the wedding. And it was going to be Marty's and my wedding, not a traditional wedding. We had few flowers, mainly greenery with lots of candles. And the music, not our parent's choice. I was going to come down the aisle to the wedding march from the Sound of Music. And we would recess to Trumpet Voluntarie. No singing, just classical music And then I started crying. Marty took over and told everyone what to do, where to walk, and nicely told parents to butt out.

I cried through the rehearsal, through the rehearsal dinner, and through the night. I so wanted to marry Marty but I was terrified of becoming an adult. My Mother stayed up with me most of the night and kept saying we will call off the wedding, it isn't too late. You do not have to marry that boy. And I would cry and say but I want to.

Now think about a woman who would say we will call off a wedding less than 10 hours before the guests arrive. That is a strong protective mother. If I hadn't gone through with it, she would have handled it. That was from a woman I have fought with since day 1 and still do. She does come through in the tough spots. And she was thrilled I didn't call off the wedding. She adores Marty.


kts said...

wonderful--thanks for sharing this!

Lisa said...

I love Uncle Marty - you fit each other - good choice :)

Marty said...

Well, she seemed to tell it like it was. I know that I wanted us to have a wedding we wanted and I made sure it happened. It was a hectic time but it all came off without a hitch except for the one candle that we were watching during the ceremony. It had started leaning out of the candelabra, but it did not fall. Now, we are off to a casual day in the City to relax for the afternoon and celebrate 42 years together.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great 42 years of marriage's celebrate party <:-p