Friday, April 10, 2009

So very civilized

We had such a civilized day today.

The alarm went off at 7:30 and Marty turned it off. Then he got back in bed. I said are you declaring a holiday, and he said yes. We got up at 10:20. It was wonderful to sleep that late. That is about the only perk of being self employed, you set your own hours.

We read our three newspapers, had our juice, pills, and coffee (for Marty), and then decided whether to have lunch. We decided to wait until I cleaned the bathrooms and Marty did a little work. We had lunch at 1:30. Marty did a little more work. I played on the computer. At 3:10 we left to go to see a movie, Duplicity. Very good, fun, and convoluted. I can't tell you about it, that would ruin the fun of it.

We got home close to 7:00. I then made my wonderful Fresh Tomato Soup. (secret ingredient, balsamic vinegar). We have since watched TV. Some mindless and some educational. Dirty Jobs is so too educational. I learned how to milk the venom from a black widow spider tonight.

All in all a lovely, fun, civilized day.

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