Friday, April 17, 2009

Marty in San Francisco

Today Marty went into San Francisco to get a hair cut and to buy house slippers.

He went to several stores for the slippers. If I had been asked I could have told him, slippers are mainly sold at Christmas. The rest of the year, they are hard to find. He did finally find what he wanted, and they were on sale AND that price was marked 50% off. Maybe this is the time of year to buy slippers.

As to the word finally up there. I am Southern, I hear it as finely, and I wrote it that way. I kept looking at it, I knew it was wrong. And finally I figured it out.

Marty goes to a barber, Joanne, whose shop is in a hotel. Since the first of the year she has been looking to rent the other chair. (She is just a little persnickety about who works in her shop.) A woman (let's call her Betty) recently interviewed and Joanne thought she could work with Betty. But before she could start working Betty had to prove she knew how to shave someone. One of the hotel employees agreed to be the guinea pig. Betty lathered up his face and then pulled out her razor. It was a disposable razor. Joanne yelled stop and get out.

Still looking for a barber.

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