Monday, April 6, 2009

Weddings, phone calls

Today I had a slow day marrying couples. They were all nice normal people with difficult names. Another United Nations day. I had two couples from India, a Mexican couple, nice white bread names and then the name none of us could pronounce. When I get a name I can't figure out, I always can find a clerk from that country who will help me write it phonetically. Names are important and I try to get them right before I call the couple. But this one no one could figure out. I finally went out to the clerk who had sold the license. She had asked how to pronounce the name and helped me write it phonetically. It was spelled Diacerial. And that would be pronounced Day Sheryl. She was thrilled I got it right.

When I got home I had several phone messages. The most important one was from lovely Deb in New Orleans. She just wanted to talk. It had been over two months since we had chatted. She wanted to know what was up in my life. I started telling her, sick the whole month of March, this happened, and that. And then I said just read my blog regularly and you will know everything. And she said, "No, I need to hear your voice." And that makes me cry.

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Hoang Leonard said...

I want to hear your voice too :)