Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thoughts on love

I heard this on a cooking show yesterday while ironing. I have no idea the name of the show or the cook (she definitely was not a chef).

She was talking about cooking a special dinner with love. And then she said, "You know a man loves you if he lets you hold the remote." But the most profound thing she said was, "It is better to eat soup with someone you love, than steak with someone you hate."

We all have ways to show we love someone. I iron shirts. Marty washes windows. A friend has cut back on entertaining because her husband doesn't enjoy it. A person I know is a dog person, the spouse loves cats. They have a cat, they both love. Another person cooks food she hates for the man she loves. He cooks food she loves. We all do everyday things to show love. These are the important things in a relationship. Not the fancy dinner or flowers.

Well dinners and flowers are nice.

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Hoang Leonard said...

Oh Love!!! I think Love is should always Love, right !? Loving is always better Love, right !? g9